Professional Rotary Floor Cleaners
Whisper Wash® Series Rotary Floor Cleaners

Whisper Wash® provides a complete line of flat surface cleaners to the pressure washing industry made in the USA. Our initial commitment to quality is displayed in the superior engineering of the Whisper Wash Classic. Additionally we offer you the added benefits of cleaning large flat surface areas with The Big Guy, Ground Force “Flip-N-Fold,” and the Aqua Pro, or the flexibility in design choices provided by the Lil’ Guy or our Ultra Clean line. Whisper Wash pressure washing systems provide proven economical benefits to industrial pressure cleaning users throughout the world.

Collapsible at the mid-section, Whisper Wash Surface Cleaners are easy to use and provide powerful industrial flat surface cleaning results. Whisper Wash’s signature balanced spray bar and twin thrust bearing swivel design ensure efficient cleaning. They are capable of running off of 2000-5000 psi hot or cold water pressure washers. Ergonomically designed, Whisper Wash Surface Cleaners eliminate operator fatigue and increase safety.

PDF Spec Sheet
Whisper Wash® Series Specifications
WWUC16 16" 5000 6.0 185°F 15 lbs.
WWUC19 19" 5000 6.0 185°F 19 lbs.
WWUC19C 19" 5000 6.0 185°F 19 lbs.
WW-CLASSIC 19" 5000 10.0 212°F 19 lbs.
WW-CLEXTRM 19" 5000 10.0 212°F 21 lbs.
WW-GF2400 24" 5000 10.0 212°F 27 lbs.
WW-LBG2400 24" 5000 10.0 212°F 38 lbs.
WW-BG2800 28" 5000 10.0 212°F 41 lbs.
WW-MAX3600 36" 5000 10.0 212°F 37 lbs.
WW-MINMOND 31" 5000 12.0 212°F 34 lbs.
WW-MONDO 49" 5000 20.0 212°F 46 lbs.